~Dr.Ambedkar Highschool In Hungary~

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Ashwin With Dr.Ambedkar School Students   why Dr.Ambedkar High School in Hungary? Tibor is the Director of this school,he speaks. “we have plan to send gypsy youngsters to universities and colleges.Village schools and Teachers don’t send them even to secondary school education that is why Dr.Ambedkar ideology is needed for us.”Educate,organise and Agitate “We went in very poor family in orsovadaz to search students for the Dr.Ambedkar school.Now Dr.Ambedar school has 100 students in this year.Dr.Ambedkar school opened this year and have very good response of the students.I seen the Gypsies/Roma people facing many problems in Hungary.Their main problems is Sheltering,Education and employment.These are the fundamental need of human but these needs don’t have really fulfill.Gypsy student take part in educational system as they should and not leave school before finishing.Janos and Tibor`s movement getting success within these few years because now a days lots of gypsy students are taking education like Banu (Ashok),Kubu,Silvi,Anna,Laura,Istavan,Roland,Gabor,Mirella,Adnono,small Adino,kau,and much more.Janos and Tibor are worked and going on the foot step of Dr.Ambedkar.We Dalit people did-nothave housing,education and employment but Dr.Ambedkar shown us the way of education and given equal rights in constitution so now we get respect and equality by non Dalit people.This small root of education which is planted by Janos Orsos and Derdak Tibor is growing now.In future Non gypsy people will be prepared to accept Roma/Gypsy people as they are,because of gypsies education.

~ हंगरी में नए बौद्ध ~

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आश्विन जंगम ने दो नए बौद्ध का साक्षात्कार लिया.दोनोही असामान्य है.जिप्सी समुदाय के भीतर बौद्ध संघ का एक हिस्सा बढ़ रहा है.भारत से आश्विन जंगम और मनिधाम्मा ने हाल ही में हंगरी का दौरा किया और हंगरी के नए बौद्ध बने जनोश और तिबोर ने भी भारत और इंग्लैंड का दौरा किया.
        उन्होने उनका निजी इतिहास और अन्य विषयोपर बातचीत की जैसे जिप्सी समुदाय की सामान्य स्तिती और कैसे वे अम्बेडकर,बौद्ध धर्मं, F.W.B.O./T.B.M.S.G. से जुडे.निचे ओर्सोस जनोस की कहानी है,

THREE FRIENDS FROM HUNGARY “भारत में एक महीना बिताकर लौटने के बाद मैं सहमत हुआ की मैं अब एक बौद्ध हो गया हूं.नागपुर में २००६ में धम्माक्रंती शिविर में मैंने भाग लिया था वहा विभिन्न राज्य से ५००० लोग भी आये थे. पंचशील उपदेशोका ग्रहण करने के बाद मैंने घोषणा की,बुद्ध मेरे अध्यापक है और F.W.B.O./T.B.M.S.G. मेरा अध्यात्मिक परिवार है.

“लेकिन यहाँ वापस हुन्गारीमे आनेपर,हुन्गरियन बौद्ध ही थे मैं उनकेसाथ अपनी पहचान नहीं कर सका.भारतीय बौद्ध का उद्धेश यहाँ हुन्गरियन बौद्ध उद्धेशो से भिन्न नजर आता है.
F.W.B.O./T.B.M.S.G. एक सच्ची सामाजिक आन्दोलन से समंधित है.धम्मचारी सुभुती और अन्य बौद्ध बांधव जब हंगरी में आते है तो हमारे जिप्सी समुदाय को अच्छा लगता है.वह हमारे साथ समय बिताते है; जो की हुन्गरियन बौद्ध नहीं करते.सुभुती,मनिधम्मा,आश्विन जंगम,मयूर,भारत और उनके साथी अब हमारे अच्छे दोस्त बन गए है”.


ye Buddha ki dhara…

~Ambedkerite movement Started in Hungary~

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Bodhisatva Dr.Ambedkar

 In 16 June 2007, I was invited by Derdak Tibor and Orsos Janos in Hungary to see the Gypsy people and their life. I stayed in my friend Orosos Janos house.Derdak Tibor and Orsos Janos want to make strong relation with the T.B.M.S.G. Buddhist community. So that they have invited me there to see the same problems they have which we Dalit people were experience 75 years ago.T.B.M.S.G. Is Buddhist Ambedkarites movement.Orsos Janos wants to establish like this organization in Hungary for the Roma/Gypsy people.Orsos Janos is the founder president of “Jaibhim Network”.Derdak Tibor and Orsos Janos work together for the Gypsy poor people to uplift their living standard.
                        Tibor read about Ambedkarite movement in a French Buddhist magazine at the beginning of 90es.He studied the Life of Dr.Ambedkar and his movement. He started to wrote about Dr Ambedkar in monthly newsletter of Tankapuja Buddhist Church.Subhuti find it in England.Subhuti immediately went to met them in may 2005.Tibor and Janos shown him their work in Alsoszentmarton,Sajokaza,oszo,Gilmanfa,Tomor.Subhuti invited Tibor and Janos in Dec.2005 at Dhammakranti retreat,Nagpur, Maharastra, India. They became Dhammamitra there. They met with me and became a very good friend

                         They were very much inspired from T.B.M.S.G. Buddhist organisation.After two years they came again in India with their friend Ujlaky Andras.He work together with them in Hungary.
It was the history how they come to know about TBMSG?

~ Gypsy People ~

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Gypsy ManUnemployment is another major problems in gypsy people due to the lack of education.sometime they have employment in entertainment,farm work,shop cleaner.I did-not find there a single gypsy man who have good business/work.In Hungary,Gypsy people have the nationality of Hungary so they called as Hungarian Gypsy.If they went to search the job in cities like Budapest,pecs then they need to keep their identity card to show the police that they have nationality and they are not criminals.These people looks different than Hungarian white people,it is easy to differentiate between them.Once I and my friend Janos Orsos was travailing in Budapest by city bus.We was waiting for the city bus at the Bus stop,after sometime police car come near to us and asked us `show the identity card`. policemen did-not asked other white people over-there but they asked us because of different skin colour.Janos told me if he want to come in Budapest or like this cities then he should have to keep his identity card to show policemen to ensure that he is not belongs to criminal.Every time policeand white people discriminate.He told if he travelled from the bus,no one like to sit near to him.So that they called themselves the untouchables of Hungary.Orsos Janos said me “if some Gypsy youngsters came here in the cities to earn money then white people used to told them don’t come here,it is not Gypsy people place.They tried to stop them in the villages only.Janos was told me his experience once he was traveled in the bus there were no free sit to sit in bus.In that bus had one white old lady who did-not have place to sit so Janos had given her his sit so she given him thanks “koszonom” from the returning of place where he reached that time unfortunately same old lady in the same bus.she had place near to her but she didn’t asked to janos to sit near her.she occupied this empty place with her won bag.So it shows that there is much untenability between Gypsy and white Hungarian people.Hungarian White people don’t like to give equal respect to Gypsy people.      


~ School Of Gypsy ~

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 School in alsoszentmarton,Tomor, Sajokaza, Alsoszentmarton.There are 1200 population of Gypsies.In this year 1 September 2007 opened new school in tomor and Sajokaza.This school name is Dr.Ambedkar school www.jaibhim.hu This school running under the Jaibhim Network.Derdak Tibor is the director of the Dr.Ambedkar school.Tibor and Janos goes different villages to search Gypsieschildren who don’t have education or elder people who has left the school.They encourage them to start their studies of their school.I have seen the Gypsy students in Alsoszentmarton.These students are good in studies.When I was there that time there were holidays in the schools.But school students came in school regularly to read books and taking knowledge of computers.Specially,Adino,Small Adino,Meerella,Maitri,Barbi,are very active girls there.In this year they are in secondary school and Tibor told me he is sure that they will pass secondary exam with-good marks.But on the other hand I have heard from Janos and Tibor that there schools not ready to give admission for the gypsy student if they given admission then they sit far from the white Hungarian students.Their classrooms are different.White Hungarian people take out of their children from that school where Gypsy studies studies.Sometime Teacher asked to Gypsy student to take admission in mentally disable school.Last time Rolandtold me about him that his teacher often asked to his mother take out Roland from their school and given him admission in easy school.It is very surprise to know for me that students are good in studies then why these white Hungarian reached try to refused their admission in school??.One day I went with Janos and Roland to one city to getting admission in secondary school for Roland.Before to go in school Janos was taken appointment.They asked the name of student and replied come for the interview.Roland Father is Hungarian man so his Surname is Hungarian.But when we reached there,then teachers of school saw him and identified that he is Gypsy boy.They replied to Janos that they dont have enough place for the admission.1 to 2 percentage of gypsy people get education.

~Roma/Gypsy Villages ~

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  ~Roma/Gypsy Villages ~  Hidas VillageIn Hungary,I saw most of the Gypsies are without schooling,good housing and any kind of social security.Gypsy people lived segregated from Hungarian white peoples society.The professional life of Gypsy people are different than the rest of the Hungarian people life.These people don’t have work/business.I have seen Gypsy/Romafamilies in villages like Manfa,Hidas,Alsszenmarton,Sajokaza,orsovadaz.Family plays a large role in their life.In Janos family brothers and sisters help to each other.Janos have 2 brothers and 4 sisters.Every married man have more-than three or four children.Like Sandor has 6 children and his elder sister has 5 children and so on.We could imagine that how gypsy family so strong than other family.Sometime I went with Janos from Manfa to Hidas.Hidas is his birthplace so there are most of the members of family like uncle,aunts,cousins,nephews,nieces,brother and sisters in law,and their children lived in the same community or neighbourhood and share their happiest and unhappiest moment of life.Zoli is the Janos younger brother.He is married.Now government make the project to give houses to gypsies But this houses half money will be paid by government.But his brother don’t have skillfull work.In their family, role of man andwomen are different than other non gypsy family.Janos mother do the household duties and Janos making decign and earning money.But Sandor earnings money only occasionally.some Men like zoli spending their time looking for work.All they have keep good relation with friends and relatives because they are supported with each-other.Unmarried children stayed with their parents and orphans were taken in the orphans house,but most of the orphans houses full of gypsies children because of their parents don’t have much money to support of fulfill their basic needs.Roma/Gypsy language is quite similar with the India language.In Indian Marathi,Hindi aek,don,tin,char,panch,aakh,kale baal.In english one,two,three,four,five,eye,black hair.In Roma/gypsy language aeki,doei,three,star,panch,aakh,kale baal.So these Roma/Gypsy like words are very similar and easy for me to understand than Hungarian language.Sometime Tibor,Janos,and Boda peter reached me about similaritiesofwords.They come here form our Indian family because their language,skin colour and family life style is same like Indian people.