Roma Murdered in HUNGARY

DNA Samples Implicate Murder Suspects“The DNA specimens of two of the four murder suspects now in custody match those found at the scenes of murders of Roma over the past 13 months, police leaders told a Tuesday press conference.

National Bureau of Investigation (NNI) head Attila Petőfi and István Házi, leader of the National Police anti-crime unit, also said that guns seized from the suspects were used in the murders.

Petőfi said police suspect two of the men of carrying out all nine attacks on Roma and the other two of participating in one attack each. One of them took part in the first killing in Galgagyörk last July, and the other in the Tiszalök murder in April, when a man was shot dead as he set off to work a night shift.

It emerged that detectives were able to narrow down the number of suspects on the basis of mobile-phone data to the point where they knew which Debrecen bar they would be in early last Friday. When they found out that the suspects were preparing another crime, they did not wait any longer but acted.


Detectives initially suspected a three- or four-member team but after the dual murder at Nagycsécs last November they reduced the figure to one or two, Petőfi said.

National Police chief József Bencze told ATV that the series of attacks on Roma has ended with the capture of the assumed mur-derers. He said the mastermind of the mur-ders is among the four, but he would not say which of the four he is.

At the press conference, Házi thanked the 120 NNI detectives who worked on the case, the national security services, experts, citi-zens and those who provided information.

The suspects, aged 28-42 years, include a baker, a soldier and a sound technician with permanent or seasonal jobs, all from Debre-cen and the vicinity. Detectives are examining how the gang could afford expensive SUVs and firearms, as they could not afford them based on the income from their jobs.

Petőfi said police will not seek more sus-pects for the time being. Three of the men in custody have made a statement to police, but the fourth has refused to.

A police source confirmed that not only the brother-in-law of one of the murder sus-pects is a policeman, but that his sister also worked as the secretary to a Hajdú county po-lice chief. She is currently on maternity leave.

Three other men detained in October on suspicion of carrying out Molotov cocktail and armed attacks in Tarnabod last summer have now been set free. The three said they will sue the police for compensation.”

~ by Ashwin on August 26, 2009.

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