Hundreds Of Roma Plan To Emigrate

“Hundreds of Roma have asked Gypsy Au-thority chairman Orbán Kolompár to help them emigrate because of the series of at-tacks on Roma and discrimination against them, Kolompár told reporters on Tuesday.

He said Roma have asked him to issue a certificate to prove that they are exposed to repeated terrorist attacks and are political refugees in Hungary. Noting that he could only do that with approval from the Authority, he said emigration does not solve the prob-lem.

The preferred destinations for Roma seek-ing to emigrate are Canada, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, the US and Belgium.”

~ by Ashwin on August 26, 2009.

One Response to “Hundreds Of Roma Plan To Emigrate”

  1. You have youched so many lives. Including mine. You truly are a dedicated follower of the Buddha, sangha and dhamma. I adore you. Thank you for praying. Ive come back to the pur eside of life all because of you and your dedication.

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