~Dr.Ambedkar Highschool In Hungary~

Ashwin With Dr.Ambedkar School Students   why Dr.Ambedkar High School in Hungary? Tibor is the Director of this school,he speaks. “we have plan to send gypsy youngsters to universities and colleges.Village schools and Teachers don’t send them even to secondary school education that is why Dr.Ambedkar ideology is needed for us.”Educate,organise and Agitate “We went in very poor family in orsovadaz to search students for the Dr.Ambedkar school.Now Dr.Ambedar school has 100 students in this year.Dr.Ambedkar school opened this year and have very good response of the students.I seen the Gypsies/Roma people facing many problems in Hungary.Their main problems is Sheltering,Education and employment.These are the fundamental need of human but these needs don’t have really fulfill.Gypsy student take part in educational system as they should and not leave school before finishing.Janos and Tibor`s movement getting success within these few years because now a days lots of gypsy students are taking education like Banu (Ashok),Kubu,Silvi,Anna,Laura,Istavan,Roland,Gabor,Mirella,Adnono,small Adino,kau,and much more.Janos and Tibor are worked and going on the foot step of Dr.Ambedkar.We Dalit people did-nothave housing,education and employment but Dr.Ambedkar shown us the way of education and given equal rights in constitution so now we get respect and equality by non Dalit people.This small root of education which is planted by Janos Orsos and Derdak Tibor is growing now.In future Non gypsy people will be prepared to accept Roma/Gypsy people as they are,because of gypsies education.

~ by Ashwin on April 17, 2008.

12 Responses to “~Dr.Ambedkar Highschool In Hungary~”

  1. Hi Ahwin, what excellent work! How wonderful that Dr Ambedkar can be a source of inspiration to people in Hungary! Now I understand the purpose of your visit there.


  3. hi ashvin i m vijay dogra from jammu & kashmir
    we are running dr. ambeddkar group of schools in the state
    i felt very happy to see ur vision and mission. congrats fro that
    in our institute we r providing free education to down trroden from our own pocket
    our having nearly 1500 studentsmour vision is to spread the teaching of baba saheb pratically by means of education to the needy. pls contact me see our web site launched recently.my father gc dogra has dream to have the univetrsityu of babasahib in our state.

    • Dear Vijay,
      thank you for your reply.I am very excited to visit Jammu and Kashmir.I am happy to here about Ambedkar Movement working in jammu and Kashmir by you.Best of Luck

      with all my metta

      Ashwin Jangam


    • Dear Mr Vijay Dogra. I am also excited to know about your mission of educating the children of our society. You can always extend a hand to few of the children of Romani Buddhists from Hungary. In return we become a world community and have a louder voice to tell the rest that we too ought to have the right to live a civilised life.

  4. than q, brother u r have a nice think
    im kiran kumar frm nizamzbad a.p
    ur frm

    • Hi Kiran,
      I am ashwin from Nagpur.I visited Hungary and I seen all kinds of discrimination for Gypsies who are originally from India..

  5. hi ashwin

    your are doing a wonderful work.

    Rahul Shedge

  6. Jaibhim Ashwin.
    I am Prof. Bodhidharma Dipankar from Pune.( President, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Foundation for Knowledge and Development , Pune, Ex- Prof. Dr. Ambedkar College Diksha Bhumi Nagpur, Ex Prof. National Defence Academy KHadkwasla, Ex Principal, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar college Pune of People’s Education Society Bombay, Ex Chairman Bahujan Hitay Trust, Pune, Ex Chairman Trailokya Bauddhay Mahasangha Sahayak Gana Pune, Dhammachari In Trailokya Bauddha Mahasangha ( WBO ), Ex Scientific Officer in Indian Institute of Tropical Meterology Pune)
    Babasaheb is always present in the situation wherever it is on the Globe where there is an injustice on the human beings. He stands for Justice, he stands for coming out of the oppressive system and showing the path of emancipation. I think the school in Hungary is one such example in the west. I was in Sonto Domingo in 1990 attending a conference , where I presented my paper on Religion and social liberation- a Study of Babsaheb Ambedkar’s Dhamma Revolution in Maharashtra and its impact. The professors from Ghana and sinegal University were so inspired By Babsaheb’s life and mission and said that there is a solution to their problem.
    I congratulate those who started this school. It is only Babasaheb Ambedkar’ life and philosophy of ‘ Educate, organise and Struggle’ will save the oppressed wherever they are.
    Congrates to those who started this school.
    I would like to visit this school and share my own life and work with the people there.

    • Dear Sir, I would like to associate with you in your mission. Unfortunately I regret to say that we have totally forgotten the message of Babasaheb ” Educate, Organise/Unite and Agitate “. The second generation has failed to hand over the baton to the third generation thereby has created a space/hollowness in the progress of our community. I wish to meet you personally.

  7. hi its very good work u have done and i would like to join with u and work with u …

  8. god work!

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