~Ambedkerite movement Started in Hungary~

Bodhisatva Dr.Ambedkar

 In 16 June 2007, I was invited by Derdak Tibor and Orsos Janos in Hungary to see the Gypsy people and their life. I stayed in my friend Orosos Janos house.Derdak Tibor and Orsos Janos want to make strong relation with the T.B.M.S.G. Buddhist community. So that they have invited me there to see the same problems they have which we Dalit people were experience 75 years ago.T.B.M.S.G. Is Buddhist Ambedkarites movement.Orsos Janos wants to establish like this organization in Hungary for the Roma/Gypsy people.Orsos Janos is the founder president of “Jaibhim Network”.Derdak Tibor and Orsos Janos work together for the Gypsy poor people to uplift their living standard.
                        Tibor read about Ambedkarite movement in a French Buddhist magazine at the beginning of 90es.He studied the Life of Dr.Ambedkar and his movement. He started to wrote about Dr Ambedkar in monthly newsletter of Tankapuja Buddhist Church.Subhuti find it in England.Subhuti immediately went to met them in may 2005.Tibor and Janos shown him their work in Alsoszentmarton,Sajokaza,oszo,Gilmanfa,Tomor.Subhuti invited Tibor and Janos in Dec.2005 at Dhammakranti retreat,Nagpur, Maharastra, India. They became Dhammamitra there. They met with me and became a very good friend

                         They were very much inspired from T.B.M.S.G. Buddhist organisation.After two years they came again in India with their friend Ujlaky Andras.He work together with them in Hungary.
It was the history how they come to know about TBMSG?

~ by Ashwin on April 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “~Ambedkerite movement Started in Hungary~”

  1. Dear Ashwin/Manidhamma and TBMSG/FWBO,

    I am certainly happy and impressed to see that the “Ambedkarte Buddhists” finally reached to the oppressed people in Europe. I always riased their issue whenever I had interactions with my European Friends.

    The history and life of ‘Gypsies’ need to be invistigated and only Buddha’s Dhamma can give them Self Respect and better life. Buddha Dhamma can integrate European people White, Black, Irish Travellers OR Gypsies !

    Self-Respect, Self-Help and Self-Elevation are the principels are necessary.

    “The Unotouchables : Who were they and how they became?” in this book Buddhist Revivalist Bodhisattva Dr. Ambedkar has given a deep though to the problems of Irish Travellers who are similar to Gypsies. I hope you will certainly share this book with our Buddhist friends in Hungary. This will give them inspiration as well as they can find that even though Untouchables were worst than them, now after Buddhist traditions the same untouchables have become confident Buddhists as well as Buddhists who believe in “Social Action”.

    Namo Buddhai, Jai Bhim,
    Pravin Bhalesain
    Young Buddhist Association (YBA), India

  2. i want to know more about buddhists abroad .pl let me know

  3. Jaibhim. Yesterday Dh.Subhuti delivered a talk at Mahavihar, Dapodi-Pune. He referred about your activites.Wish u a lot of success.

  4. I have just gone through the webpages on the Romani Buddhists and other Gypsies in the entire world. Their condition does not appear to be more better than what our community faced a few decades ago. I have all the regards for Ayushman Ashwin Jangam and his team for the work they are doing for upliftment of the Romani brethren. It has unmasked the western communities who are as good communal as the Indians. I have toured many European countries but I was not aware that our brethren facing difficulties and are struggling for the existence. Gandhi who shed tears for the blacks in SA never uttered a word on the Romanis.
    I wish Babasaheb was alive today. he would have put the life in the entire Romani people. Let us join hands to raise a voice on the world platform against discrimination of the Romani by the majority communities.
    Jai Bhim

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