~ School Of Gypsy ~

 School in alsoszentmarton,Tomor, Sajokaza, Alsoszentmarton.There are 1200 population of Gypsies.In this year 1 September 2007 opened new school in tomor and Sajokaza.This school name is Dr.Ambedkar school www.jaibhim.hu This school running under the Jaibhim Network.Derdak Tibor is the director of the Dr.Ambedkar school.Tibor and Janos goes different villages to search Gypsieschildren who don’t have education or elder people who has left the school.They encourage them to start their studies of their school.I have seen the Gypsy students in Alsoszentmarton.These students are good in studies.When I was there that time there were holidays in the schools.But school students came in school regularly to read books and taking knowledge of computers.Specially,Adino,Small Adino,Meerella,Maitri,Barbi,are very active girls there.In this year they are in secondary school and Tibor told me he is sure that they will pass secondary exam with-good marks.But on the other hand I have heard from Janos and Tibor that there schools not ready to give admission for the gypsy student if they given admission then they sit far from the white Hungarian students.Their classrooms are different.White Hungarian people take out of their children from that school where Gypsy studies studies.Sometime Teacher asked to Gypsy student to take admission in mentally disable school.Last time Rolandtold me about him that his teacher often asked to his mother take out Roland from their school and given him admission in easy school.It is very surprise to know for me that students are good in studies then why these white Hungarian reached try to refused their admission in school??.One day I went with Janos and Roland to one city to getting admission in secondary school for Roland.Before to go in school Janos was taken appointment.They asked the name of student and replied come for the interview.Roland Father is Hungarian man so his Surname is Hungarian.But when we reached there,then teachers of school saw him and identified that he is Gypsy boy.They replied to Janos that they dont have enough place for the admission.1 to 2 percentage of gypsy people get education.

~ by Ashwin on February 14, 2008.

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