~ Gypsy People ~

Gypsy ManUnemployment is another major problems in gypsy people due to the lack of education.sometime they have employment in entertainment,farm work,shop cleaner.I did-not find there a single gypsy man who have good business/work.In Hungary,Gypsy people have the nationality of Hungary so they called as Hungarian Gypsy.If they went to search the job in cities like Budapest,pecs then they need to keep their identity card to show the police that they have nationality and they are not criminals.These people looks different than Hungarian white people,it is easy to differentiate between them.Once I and my friend Janos Orsos was travailing in Budapest by city bus.We was waiting for the city bus at the Bus stop,after sometime police car come near to us and asked us `show the identity card`. policemen did-not asked other white people over-there but they asked us because of different skin colour.Janos told me if he want to come in Budapest or like this cities then he should have to keep his identity card to show policemen to ensure that he is not belongs to criminal.Every time policeand white people discriminate.He told if he travelled from the bus,no one like to sit near to him.So that they called themselves the untouchables of Hungary.Orsos Janos said me “if some Gypsy youngsters came here in the cities to earn money then white people used to told them don’t come here,it is not Gypsy people place.They tried to stop them in the villages only.Janos was told me his experience once he was traveled in the bus there were no free sit to sit in bus.In that bus had one white old lady who did-not have place to sit so Janos had given her his sit so she given him thanks “koszonom” from the returning of place where he reached that time unfortunately same old lady in the same bus.she had place near to her but she didn’t asked to janos to sit near her.she occupied this empty place with her won bag.So it shows that there is much untenability between Gypsy and white Hungarian people.Hungarian White people don’t like to give equal respect to Gypsy people.      


~ by Ashwin on February 14, 2008.

9 Responses to “~ Gypsy People ~”

  1. hi ashwin i m a anthropologist frm india gypsies r desendants of indian migrants and local

  2. they migrated to europe in 1100 ad.now they r people of mixed race.

  3. They were brought by ottoman empire as defeated soldiers of rajputana empire of rajsthan currently

  4. Then they were followed by their families who were mainly banjara nomads n musicians

  5. u can trace their music style to western rajsthan their genetic sequnce

  6. Match up with many indian communities jats,gujjars,banjaras etc.

  7. Their language belongs to indo aryan group n very similar to gujjari of india

  8. can u bring back them to their original home by ur institution.

  9. What are you trying to prove. Come in Budapest and see the status of gypsy people here. If you get time please check the history of these people. They are so lazy to work. They got more facilities then the real hungarians. In case of unemployment they get all other means of benefits from the govt. And if you get check by police why to make a rumor for discrimination. IN 2004 two indian students were killed by Gypsy who came from Austria as a tourist here. 2006 one hungarian man was shot in the tram by a adult gypsy guy. and last not the least check the police records, they are involved in everytype of crime. So it is police job to identify them that they are not criminals to make the city safe. So police is doing there job well. Gypsies come from india and take them back with you from my country. All you dark skin people spoiled my county………

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