~Roma/Gypsy Villages ~

  ~Roma/Gypsy Villages ~  Hidas VillageIn Hungary,I saw most of the Gypsies are without schooling,good housing and any kind of social security.Gypsy people lived segregated from Hungarian white peoples society.The professional life of Gypsy people are different than the rest of the Hungarian people life.These people don’t have work/business.I have seen Gypsy/Romafamilies in villages like Manfa,Hidas,Alsszenmarton,Sajokaza,orsovadaz.Family plays a large role in their life.In Janos family brothers and sisters help to each other.Janos have 2 brothers and 4 sisters.Every married man have more-than three or four children.Like Sandor has 6 children and his elder sister has 5 children and so on.We could imagine that how gypsy family so strong than other family.Sometime I went with Janos from Manfa to Hidas.Hidas is his birthplace so there are most of the members of family like uncle,aunts,cousins,nephews,nieces,brother and sisters in law,and their children lived in the same community or neighbourhood and share their happiest and unhappiest moment of life.Zoli is the Janos younger brother.He is married.Now government make the project to give houses to gypsies But this houses half money will be paid by government.But his brother don’t have skillfull work.In their family, role of man andwomen are different than other non gypsy family.Janos mother do the household duties and Janos making decign and earning money.But Sandor earnings money only occasionally.some Men like zoli spending their time looking for work.All they have keep good relation with friends and relatives because they are supported with each-other.Unmarried children stayed with their parents and orphans were taken in the orphans house,but most of the orphans houses full of gypsies children because of their parents don’t have much money to support of fulfill their basic needs.Roma/Gypsy language is quite similar with the India language.In Indian Marathi,Hindi aek,don,tin,char,panch,aakh,kale baal.In english one,two,three,four,five,eye,black hair.In Roma/gypsy language aeki,doei,three,star,panch,aakh,kale baal.So these Roma/Gypsy like words are very similar and easy for me to understand than Hungarian language.Sometime Tibor,Janos,and Boda peter reached me about similaritiesofwords.They come here form our Indian family because their language,skin colour and family life style is same like Indian people.

~ by Ashwin on February 14, 2008.

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